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Acerca de

Tree of life  

This design is based on a conifer tree at the bottom of our garden. It was recently suggested to me that we cut it down. I was horrified! Yes, this tree blocks light from our garden, and the ground underneath it is as dry as dust. But, this tree supports a lot of life. There are pigeons roosting, squirrels scurrying, there's currently a bumblebee nest close to the base. I have seen a swarm of ladybirds (yes, a swarm!) shelter under it, and a fox curl up to sleep. Blue tits, Robins and Starlings are all regular visitors, as are a little colony of very busy ants. This tree would be much missed, by many more than me, if it were chopped. Our garden would be a little lighter, but a lot poorer, for it. 


As with all of my designs, all of the elements in this image were hand drawn, either on paper or on my iPad. All the drawing takes place in black and white, and then the images are transferred to my computer, where I assemble the design and colour the different component parts.  

Please remember, as a supporter of my work, I am gifting you this print as an act of goodwill. Please do not share it widely, amend it or reproduce it for sale. I retain the copyright for this image and I do take any infringements of my intellectual property seriously. 

Thank you

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