About Me

I was born and raised in Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District, where my affinity with the landscape, and geology, developed. Later I moved to the West Midlands to study Textiles Design at University, and I continue to live in the area. I now combine my own art practise with teaching Textile Design and Art at a leading sixth-form college in the Midlands.

My work focuses on landscape and in particular, rock formations, fossils and other geological features, particularly of the Midlands. More importantly, I am fascinated by how the geology below the ground affects and influences life on the surface. The abundant minerals and natural materials found in this region allowed it to become, at one time, ‘the workshop of the world.’ I am also interested in the marks left on the land by man’s activities. The landscape has shaped life for centuries, but life has also shaped the landscape. Visually, I am drawn to patterns in the landscape, whether natural or man made.

Although my work rarely incorporates textiles any more, I still approach paintings as designs, and I remain focused on colour, pattern and texture. I use watercolour, inks, dyes, drawing, and collage in my work. I aim to be experimental in my approach to use of media and materials, while striving to produce a coherent body of work. I am an active member of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists, and Take 13, a Midlands based, all women exhibiting group.

I have work in private and public collections.